Friday, August 13, 2004

McGreevey's Gay American Headlines

Washington Post:
A closet case is often thought to be beyond help, even once he comes out. He's missed the boat. (He missed all the boats, for decades.)
Essay by Stuever

McGreevey Has Been Facing Other Political Problems.
Story by Powell and Garcia

It was clear that Jim McGreevey was getting ready to resign as governor, probably over some kind of corruption (hey, it's New Jersey, and his top fundraiser had been arrested for hiring prostitutes to entrap a witness).
Media Notes

Shamefully, I engaged in adult consensual affairs with another man, which violates my bonds of matrimony.
Via Washington Times

NY Times:
It was an extraordinary spectacle, one that bosses with a sense of history ordered their young assistants to watch on the television set in the office, one that caused a stunned, lingering silence in hospital waiting rooms and diners and malls.
Story by BARRON

Washington Blade:
Harassment suit may have led to decision.
Blade Story
New Jersey Gov. Being Blackmailed By Gay Lover Sources Say.
365gay story


Coming out is a deeply personal journey and Governor McGreevey today showed enormous courage. We are hopeful that, like millions of other American families, Governor McGreevey and his family will come to a place of understanding.

The closet is a terrible place to be and Governor McGreevey's announcement today is another poignant reminder of that.

What separates great public officials from the rest is their responsiveness to the concerns of their constituents and the honesty with which they hold office.
Victory Fund

NGLTF- Best Overall Response
Victory Fund- Most Effective, Political and Biting Response (their job)
HRC- Weak Response

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