Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We Confess

Ok, we confess we googled Michael Phelps. And guess what we found? Well, a website for gay men with Speedo fantasies. We tend to stay away from Speedos at the beach. However, this sight does offer insightful information and threads on Mikey:
...experts tell me, looks like michael phelps has a larger than average cock size, any comments?

and the speculation:

I wonder if Michael Phelps didn't beat Mark Spitz record because he was NOT wearing a BRIEF? Those skin suits are really silly looking. Actually certain one's look FEM. Even my female friend made that statement.
That Mark Spitz who won the olympics in 72 is still a good looking for an older guy. I like how he has a low forehead like a caveman. :)

Yes, Cavemen are the new pink and HOT!

And this irrelevant desparate cry for help we just had to post:

Since Iv bene posting on the board lotsa guys wanted to see pics of me, well, first of all I cant send pics because everytime someone takes pics of me smoke comes out of there cameras, second Il probably be banned from the board for this, but eventually someone will find out anyway and so here goes. First of all Im totally bald, and have a kind of a lump on the right side of my skull that looks like a radio or tv antenne thats probably why everybody is allways asking me if I broadcast FM or AM. My left ear is lower then my right ear.All my touths are gone except for the big front ones that makes me look like a beaver.(Or bugs bunny ) My right arm is longer then my left one.And from some reason I have two big toes on my left foot. And have only 4 toes on both feet, (like the Simpson family) My legs are so crooked that I walk like a penquin, like the one in the batman comics. Wene I walk my knees sqeeks that make a sound like someone was rubbing his finger nail on a blackboard. But beung like this has its compensations Iv even bene offered to appear on a film as Quasimodo the hunchback of Notre Dame. What is strang is that wene I look in a mirror I find myself rather attractive I wonder why no one aggrees with me. I wear a sz. 51 speedo and think I look rather good in them, WOULD YOU.....

OH! Does fun with speedos ever START?

AND for our DC Readers...

Speedo Fun in D.C. This Weekend
From: Roleplaygeardude@aol.comDate:
8/18/2004Time: 8:11:54 AMRemote Name:
Hey guys. Anybody up for some speedo fun in/near Washington, D.C. this weekend. Would be good to suit up and lay out, watch the Olympic hotties, or get a little crazy. Good looking, clean cut, sane guy here looking for speedo buds to hang with ...


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Anonymous said...

interesting postings guys. I've decided to add yours to my fav. have fun.