Monday, August 02, 2004

Road Trip!

The Polibois took a road trip to experience the city of brotherly love (something we Polibois know A LOT about, yet no one was up for a threesome with us). Here is what we learned this weekend:
-Philadelphia is really dirty and gross
-The subway is really dirty and gross and smells like urine (apparently that's where all the city's "golden opportunities" are for a shower)
-They do not believe in trash cans, yet their city is full of it (draw your own picture here)
-When you got to a gay club, you quickly learn that it is a city that has a crisis level shortage on mirrors
-Security to get through to see the liberty bell is tighter than any security in DC(just to see a stupid bell)
-Sarah Mclachlan is amazing in concert
-"Condom Kingdom" is the most amazing retail store in the world (The sprerm hanging from the ceiling was hot. We have not seen that much sperm hanging from a ceiling since...well...last night).

Visit the Condom Kingdom!!

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