Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wonkette Needs Writing Buddy with Benefits

Wonkette posted a job looking for a writer/love slave. And frankly who could blame her? If we could afford one ourselves, we would be having hot Latin bois running around our offices fanning us and feeding us grapes and other delights (use your imagination). Well, since Wonkette talks about ass fucking so much, we could not resist applying to be her love slave. How HOT! If we get the job, perhaps we'll keep bending over to get those pencils we (oops) just cannot seem to stop dropping. Here is her response to our application:

Thanks for applying. Hope remembered that the haiku structure is
5-7-5. Wonkette loves you, amc

And the call for applications:
Do you have a bad attitude and time on your hands? Wonkette seeks sulky D.C. area college students or recent graduates for part-time menial labor and reporting duties. Please send an email saying why you want the job and a haiku about Al Gore to , with "love slave" in the subject line. NO RESUMES. Just impress me. . . with your brevity.


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