Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Signs of Maturity from Republicans

It's good to see that Republicans really are showing a new level of maturity in this year's campaign. Their latest sign that they may be on the verge of sprouting some pubes is a recent email they sent out stating:
In millions of homes around the country, families, friends and neighbors will gather for the National Convention Watch Party - our third national party day - to hear the President speak and watch the balloons drop. You can be a part of this historic event by hosting a Convention Watch Party on Sept. 2.

Wow! You know you have a message when all you can do is send bratty emails: "Our balloons will drop and yours didn't!" Maybe when Bush speaks he'll put an "L" on his forehead and say, "I want to direct this message to John Kerry. " Yeah. Real smooth.

Party Like it's 2000

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